Los orígenes del kitesurf

Kitesurf is a young sport. The birth of this mode as a sport is pretty recent, but the fact of navigate on the water using a kite propelled by the wind has its historic origin many centuries ago. The first information about this type of navigation is located between the centuries XII and XIV. During this period, some sailors from the Polinesia, China and Indonesia used the kite as a way of propulsion to move their boats.

This form of navigation was used as a way of subsist, since without it the fishermen could not go into the sea. But if we search the origin of the kitesurf as a sport we need to go to the 1977 year. It was in this date when Gijsbertus Adrianus decided to attach a kite with a surf table. The inventor patented the idea. An idea that made him be known as the real father of this sport.

Before this type of traction invention there were many historical facts that made you think that the kite was a good way of navigation: besides the fishermen themselves that used this system to move through the sea, Samuel Cody crossed the Canal de la Mancha navigating with kites in the 1903 and Peter Powel navigated in small boats with kites in form of delta (1970).

New ideas
Besides Gijsbertus Adrianus, there were two other important names, which were: Bruno and Dominique Legaignoux, two french brothers that developed the first surf table propelled by a kite which took off directly from the water. For the first time, an idea was patented (1984) that allowed the navigator lift his/her kite on the fly from the sea without the need of external help.

Actually all these inventions where thought to navigate. In fact, the brothers themselves were thinking of using this traction mode to tow boats that had their engine broken. However, they had developed the first kitesurf of the history.

The kitesurf, as a sport, came from the need of searching an alternative to the windsurf for days with little wind. It consisted of searching for a entertainment option that let people enjoy the sea when the weather conditions were not the best for this sport.

The impulse of kitesurf is specially thanks to renowned athletes like Laird Hamilton, Manu Bertin or Robbie Naish. When they started to practice this modality and started to appear in catalogs and magazines the public started to be interested in it. Naish himself associated with the Legaignoux brother to manufacture material for kite with his own license.

The last key date in the kitesurf history was in 1998, the year when the first competition of this water modality was celebrated. It was celebrated in the Maui island, in Hawaii. Therefore, we could say that both this place like France are the birthplace of this sport, as we know it nowadays.

Source : http://www.alexpastorkiteclub.com/

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