Origins and evolution of the Surf

Where did the surf begin? When were the magazines born? Who revolutionized surfing? When did it start at a professional level?

We will try to resolve some of the questions about surfing history. The objective is not to know every event, date or information, but to have a clear idea about its origins and evolution that took us to this actual moment.

Although it is known that surfing was practiced all over the pacific sur for more than 2000 years thanks to the discover of petroglyphs (drawings pierces on the stone), it is in Hawaii where the surf is specially rooted to the culture since their isolation. Surfing was the favorite sport in Hawaii and when there were good waves, both men and women would stop doing their domestic task to practice it. They used different types of tables, some were made of Willi willi wood, known as Olo tables used by the tribal chiefs, and others made of Koa woo, known as Alaia, used by the rest of the village.


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